Saturday, January 1, 2011

Choices 1 Skin Tones, Eyes Color and Hair Styles

 This page shows you choices for skin tones and eye colors for all my dolls 
The hair colors are for stitched in styles on Mini Babies,Pocket Babies and Cotton Cuddle Babies
Skin Tones

These are my skin tone choices .
I use high quality cotton jersey knit from the Netherlands

       Hair Colors for Mini Babies and Cotton Cuddle Babies
               You can see wool choices for other dolls  here

I also have black availble

   Eye Colors


           green                                  light blue or darker blue

            Asian style eyes                            Freckles

Hair Styles for Mini's and Cotton Cuddle Babies:
pig tails and braids 

These are some Hair Styles for Velour Cuddle Babies and Babies with no attached hat
These are usually made from cotton,bamboo or sheep wool and recommended for toddler

cotton wool                bamboo wool


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 3. 4.
 5.     6.

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