Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm having a Give Away!!!/Es gibt eine Verlosung!!!

My facebook page has reached 600 likes and that calls for
a give away !
Meine Facebookseite hat 600 "likes" erreicht und zur Feier dieses Ereignis
gibt es jetzt eine Verlosung!

 What could you win...
This 4 inch Pocket Baby with bag made from all natural materials.
The pocket baby is made from cotton velour and cotton jersey knit and filled with soft sheep wool. The hat and scarf is crochet . (Hat is not removable!)
The bag is made from cotton fabric and wool felt with a cotton wool strap.The strap measures about 14 inches from bag to end.
Due to the size of the doll and the strap this item is recommended for children 4+
Was koennt ihr gewinnen?
Dieses Taschepueppchen mit Umhaengetasche.
Das Pueppchen ist ca 10 cm gross und komplett aus natuerlichen Materialien gemacht.
Der Koerper ist aus Baumwollnicky und Baumwolljersey genaeht und mit Schaefchenwolle gestopft.
Die Muetze und der Schal sind gehaeckelt.
(Muetze kann nicht abgenommen werden)
Das Taeschen ist aus Baumwollstoff und Wollfilz mit Baumwollkordel.
Dieses Set ist fuer Kinder 4+,da das Pueppchen recht klein ist und  wegen dem Trageriemen 

Who can enter?/Wer kann mitmachen?
Everyone, from around the globe!
Jeder kann mitmachen, egal wo ihr wohnt!
What do you have to do?/Was muesst ihr machen?
Just leave me a comment here,
Each of the following will give you one extra entry. 
You have to leave a separate comment here for each , telling me about it.
(Please leave your e-mail address if you post as anonymous ,so that I can reach you in case you win!) 

Einfach einen Kommentar hier hinterlassen.
Ein extra Los gibt es fuer jede der  folgenden Sachen...

Bitte hinterlasst einen Kommentar fuer jede Aktion und bitte ,falls ihr als "Anonym" mitmacht eine E-mail Addresse damit ich euch erreichen kann falls ihr gewinnt.

-  like my facebook page
- "like" meine Facebookseite
- follow my PolarBearCreationsDollBlog
- folgt meinem Puppenblog
- post about the give away on your blog or facebook
(Feel free to take the picture and link from the right side)
-Scheibt auf eurem Blog/Facebook ueber meine Verlosung
(Dazu koennt ihr gerne das Bild und den Link an der Seite mitnehmen)
- tweet about it
- tweet ueber die Verlosung

Well, that's it.  :0) /Das war's !
The give away will run until next Saturday 5. November.
Die Verlosung geht bis Samstag den 5 November

Good luck every one!/Viel Glueck an all die mitmachen!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two dolls ready to travel...

I just finished a custom order of this blond cotton cuddle baby and pocket baby today

She is about 12 inches tall and a great first doll for her new mom.
Her eyes are blue, but somehow the camera made them look a little bit different shade...hmmm
The pocket baby will be easy to take everywhere.

Tomorrow they are going on their trip to their new destination.
They are packed and ready!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A basket full of cuteness....

How is this for cuteness?
Gnomies and mushrooms

I love these little guys and am kind of sad to see them go, but I know they will make new friends and will be loved when they arrive in their new homes.
So this week the are getting ready to travel .
Some of them have quiet a journey ahead of them, some stay closer,but they are all excited about it.
I bet they stay up all night and chatter about it. :0)

Did you know that you can buy the mushrooms without the gnomie as well?
Yes you can!
Mushrooms can be used on your nature table or in a play kitchen, or as baby toy.
I make different sizes of about 10, 7 and 5 inch.

I will have some with brown caps soon as well. I really excited about those...
Pictures coming as soon as I have a bunch done.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meet Ava

Meet Ava
She is my new 12 inch Velour Cuddle Baby.
She's so cute and I just love how all the colors work so well together.

 Look at that sweet face....

 It's a bit chilly around here now ,but her purple jacket will keep her warm .

 I think both sides of her dress look so beautiful on her.

Little Ava is  SOLD and going on a big trip to Europe!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few new things...

I just listed a few new dolls in my Etsy shop

  This little 4 inch ( 11 cm) gnomie is just enjoying fall. 

 I finished tow Mini Babies as well and noticed after that they had woodsy patterns as well 

 This little guy with the owls

and this one with the owls in the trees.
I guess my head is out in the woods right now with all the wonderful fall colors all around us.
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