Monday, October 24, 2011

A basket full of cuteness....

How is this for cuteness?
Gnomies and mushrooms

I love these little guys and am kind of sad to see them go, but I know they will make new friends and will be loved when they arrive in their new homes.
So this week the are getting ready to travel .
Some of them have quiet a journey ahead of them, some stay closer,but they are all excited about it.
I bet they stay up all night and chatter about it. :0)

Did you know that you can buy the mushrooms without the gnomie as well?
Yes you can!
Mushrooms can be used on your nature table or in a play kitchen, or as baby toy.
I make different sizes of about 10, 7 and 5 inch.

I will have some with brown caps soon as well. I really excited about those...
Pictures coming as soon as I have a bunch done.


  1. I just love my gnome and mushroom, they are so wonderfully made!!

  2. oh, the gnomes and mushrooms will be perfect on a nature table Sue...and mushrooms in a sewing room are sure to bring lots of inspiration ;-)

  3. Fliegenpilze in Canada! yeah!.. du, die sind aber toll und deine Zwerglein auch so süss! Super gemacht...


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