Sunday, February 6, 2011

Almost done.....

So I think I have added pretty much all the info that I wanted to have here on the blog .
Yesterday I added "Choices 1,2,3" for custom ordering that show you skin tones,eye,hair color,wool and fabrics. 
You can either go on the "ordering page on top to get to the links or scroll down on the right side to click on the links.
 I think it's all pretty easy to navigate , but if you have questions or find links that go to the wrong pages, please contact me. I tried to check all the links, but you know how it is , you never get them all.  :0)

 Now I'm looking forward to make new dolls and I will have a bunch of bunnies coming up as well.
Easter is fast approaching..... so stay tuned.....
Oh and look what I got yesterday...mmmmmm so cute!!! I can't wait to use it!!!

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  1. Do you know what looking at that basket of heads does to this dollmaker? LOL It makes me extremely envious. ;-) I love the fabric that you bought, it is going to make some adorable clothes.


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