Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Baby Ella

 This is the latest doll I made.
She is a custom 16 inch baby.
I don't know what name her new mom is giving her, but I call her 

Ella had a visit this afternoon to our garden.
It was pretty hot and dress and diaper was just the right outfit to stay cool.

 I wanted some pictures with all her clothes on as well and 
she let me dress her with no complaining,

but soon the dress had to go....

 Who can blame her, it was hot.

I was able to keep her busy with some flowers for the rest of the photo shoot.

 I had a lot of fun making Ella and hope her new mom will have a lot of fun with her as well.


  1. Liebe Dank fuer deinen Tip.

    glg Conny

    Im moment habe ich seeehr wennig zeit von da nur eben schnell DANKE!


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