Thursday, September 15, 2011

❤ My new space!! ❤

 And here it is now.....
my brand new work space! My sewing corner in the basement.
It took a while to get everything unpacked and 99% of my things have found a new home here,
but I'm sure I will still move stuff around until I'm really contend with it.

 My cutting/packing table...

most of my fabrics are now on cardboard backs, but I can't do it with all of them or 
I have to get another bookshelf. So the rest will stay stacked .
That works too.  :0)
I LOVE the tidy look and that I can access everything fast.

 These are my terry's and books

 And here we have velours and wool (in the drawers) and some of the other things.
Now I can start creating again.
I really missed it a lot and look forward to get some of my ideas out of my head.
It's so hard to just sit around and not do something creative .


  1. Your studio looks just organized and full of wonderful fabrics, etc. My favorite picture is the one with your adorable dog peeking around the corner.

  2. that looks like a lot of fun waiting to happen!

  3. Wow, so einen traumhaft großen, gut sortierten Arbeitsplatz hätte ich gerne ;o), soooo toll!Ganz viele, liebe Grüße,Petra

  4. Thank you for your visit and your nice comment I'm very gefreud
    I'm sending you all love greetings from Austria

  5. ...boah ist das eine tolle Arbeitsecke! So ordentlich möchte ich es auch gerne mal wieder haben!
    Besonders charmant finde ich den Hund, der neugierig um den Schrank luschert!
    Einen lieben Gruß aus Bayern!


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