Monday, August 6, 2012

Dolly home for a spa treatment

A while back I got an email from a lovely customer of mine from a few years ago, 
if I would be able to do a little repair on Dolly (Fiona) and maybe give her a spa treatment.
I could not wait to see her again!!!
I have to admit that when she arrived I was moved to tears. 
Seeing a doll of mine being sooo loved by two little girl makes me unbelievably happy!!
What bigger reward can a doll maker get then knowing one of your creations , that you made with your own hands is not sitting on a shelf, but loved and part of children's lives.

Dolly got a nice long soak in some warm water with some Woolite.
She really enjoyed it!

Then it was time to come out of the water and get dried .
First I squeezed most of the water out of her and then got her all snuggled up in a large towel .
She had a warm spot in the sun for a couple of days until she was all dried out.

Then it was time for the some styling and a new dress for the journey home .

Doesn't she look cute with her buns and in her new dress ?

Soon it was time to get her ready to go back home to her girls. 
They were missing her already and her stay with me was much longer then planned.
I'm still in love with this sweetie and really had a hard time letting her go again.

What a wonderful experience this has been for me.
I hope she has many more adventures in the futures!


  1. Recently, I had to do a monkey repair. Somehow, an eye was missing. It was wonderful to see how well loved Monkey was. :)
    Your dolly is beautiful.

  2. So sweet! What a beautiful transformation, her spa treatment did wonders for her.


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