Monday, March 18, 2013

New Animals

 I have been working on some brand new creations.
I will now offer some stuffed animals as well.
They are about 13 inches(33cm) tall, soft and able to sit and made, of course ,from all natural materials.

This is Mrs. Dog.
I fell in Love with her the moment I had her finished.
She is such a cutie and very well behaved! 

She is wearing a cotton dress with Velcro closure and cotton lace trim.

What a sweet face she has!♥

 This is Mrs. Bunny.
She is such a sweetheart as well.

 She looks very innocent , but I have a feeling like she could be a bit of trouble.

 She had to check out the decor for sure......

 ....and roll around while I tried to take pictures.

Who could be mad at a face like this???? 
More critters are to come.....stay tuned!

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