Friday, September 6, 2013

Celeste is ready to move to a new home.....

You have met Celeste already if you follow my blog.
She has been with me for a while and has been very patient in waiting for her wardrobe .
But now everything is done and she is looking for a new friend that will love her.
She is 16 inches /40 cm tall.

 She loves her new dress and apron and wanted to show you how cute it looks in the back.

 Did you know she has her own teddy now two?
He's just the perfect size for her and she tries to take him everywhere.

 Here she shows you her pink leggings and velour shirt. and the nice warm knitted cotton jacket. 
It is getting already cooler in our neck of the woods and they will come in handy soon.

 A little girl needs some pink PJ's  and Celeste has some as well.

 Here you see all her clothing 

Well this little silly girl had enough of all the picture taking and I think she might be ready for bed.

Nite, nite Celeste!
I'm sure she will dream of future adventures and a friend!!!

Celeste found a new home and will be going on a big trip across the big pond!

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  1. das eine Süße und ihre Kleidung ein Traum!Falls ich mich von der Dose trennen möchte gebe ich dir Bescheid ;o)!Ganz viele, liebe Grüße,Petra


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