Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I See Me ! A book and bear

Today I want to tell you about a great kids book a friend of mine wrote. 
Joanna Bold is her name .
Joanna's daughter was the inspiration to this book .

It is called 
I See Me !

It's about Wise Child the bear cub,gently guided by Wise Elder discovering the world and how it all connects. It's a journey of self discovery that is timeless and powerful.

It is beautifully illustrated by Cheryl E. Uhrig

I made a bear to accompany the book.
A little Wise Child that can be part of the story reading

I think the bear enjoys reading already.

You can find Joanna's book online here
If you are interested in buying the book with the bear, you can find listed them in my Etsy shop
You can also pick up a copy on Saturdays at the local Farmers Market!


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